First of all, we would like to apologize for the delay and for the so many unanswered questions.

The situation is this:

We got in touch with the official website by email and the owners told us the necessary amount of money to deposit in their bank account in order to take part on the business. After this payment, we received another mail from the official website saying they had never ever contacted us. At that point, we couldn´t understand anything at all but finally, we noticed and sadly checked that we had been victims of a scam.

So then we contacted with the system administrator (known as “Sandwich”) again to who we related the whole story and asked if was still possible to pay to (but obviously this time to their original wallet with no fraud) and unfortunately the reply was:

“this conversation is over…  clearly you did not pay us.  and you’re wasting my time with fake “scam”….”
Digifel doesn’t qualify to be on our platform.
I don’t trust this charade and it has eaten up my time and others…”

And after that, he blocked us with no possibility to contact again.

However, we have good news:

We are in conversations with a very innovative website in order to control your masternodes and so many other possibilities in mind. We can´t give you further information by now, but we are so excited that this option will be so fresh!

So please, remain watchful 😉